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Hyning (Spring weekend)

Boundaries, borders and identity

16 - 18 March 2018 (Fri - Sun)

18+      Partial self-help



In this winter weekend we hope to draw out the experience of the ‘resident alien’ – someone who belongs yet doesn’t belong to wherever they find themselves. Refugees are an obvious case but our experience today is that populations are increasingly mixed and lots of people have multiple identities.

How do we help people understand this, live with each other and create a harmonious existence? Using stories drawn from the Bible and from everyday life we will look at who we are and whose we are: God’s children and therefore siblings in God with heaven as our common home.

Chair: Barbara Wilson
Chaplain: Fr Tim Redmond
Organiser: Breideen Murtagh

The tranquil Monastery of Our Lady of Hyning with its picturesque setting, simple chapel and welcoming Bernadine Cistercian nuns is a favourite venue for CPW. It is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Lancashire, near Carnforth. Accommodation is in single and twin-bedded rooms. Lift and full wheelchair access.

Information and Bookings: Breideen Murtagh HS2018@catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk

To book, you could complete the Online Booking Form for this event or email the above.

Hyning Hall