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Booking Form

You can download a PDF format Booking Form for manual entry and printing here. You should then fill it in and send it (with your deposit) to the Booking person assigned to the event you wish to book for (see the page "Details of events 2018", and click to the event required).

Allensford 2015
Gathering Prayer at Allensford 2015

To read or print PDF files

You will need the Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader to read or print the PDF files - get it from the Adobe download page.
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Adobe Reader
The current version, however, is very big (around 72 Mb), so you may wish to obtain an older (but still perfectly adequate) version (known formerly as "Acrobat Reader") from this site; or you may wish to download a different (some say better, and certainly MUCH smaller) PDF reader: the Foxit Reader, available for download here.