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CPW Booking Information

To book for a CPW event in 2018, use the Online Booking Form available on each Event page. The organiser will then contact you to arrange for you to complete your booking, with instructions as to how to pay your deposit (and membership subscription, if you haven't already paid for 2018). All cheques, etc. should be payable to "Catholic People's Weeks". We would however prefer you to pay by BACS transfer (see below).

How much will it cost?

  • The full prices and deposits for each event in 2018 are given in this table.
  • A discount of 25% is applicable if this is your first CPW event.
  • A "large family" discount applies to third (33%) and subsequent children (66%).
  • Children who are too young to use the crèche go free.

You will also need to become a member of CPW, if you are not already. This costs £15 for the whole year per household (£7.50 for low income households).

We offer special bursaries to long-term members of CPW who need a carer. Please contact the Treasurer (see also this page) for information.

Friendship Fund

If cost might be an issue, ask about a bursary from our "friendship fund". Contact either the booking co-ordinator for the event you want to attend, or the Treasurer, Mike Willcox, at , or the address given on this page. All enquiries are strictly confidential.

Applying for an event

  • You can either complete the booking form available for each event on the relevant page (or print a copy of it or of the form in the Brochure - please use block capitals and send to the organiser via post or by email).
  • Before your place is confirmed, you must pay a deposit.

How to calculate your deposit

  • The deposits per person for each event are given in this table.
  • The maximum deposit required is £150 per booking.

How to pay your deposit

We would prefer to receive your deposit electronically at our account:

  • Sort-code 40-52-40 and account number 00005261.
  • Reference to include: the event code, your surname and initial e.g. "BH18SmithJ".
  • Event codes are given in the brochure and on the list of prices.
  • Please be careful, as money sent to the wrong account may not be recoverable.
  • You may also pay the deposit by cheque, directly to the Treasurer at the address given on this page, or to the organiser after he has received your online your booking form.
  • Cheques payable to "Catholic People's Weeks".

Deposits are not normally refundable.

What happens next & settling your account

  • If you are not yet a CPW member, some of the deposit will be used to enrol you.
  • Bookings will normally be confirmed within two weeks of receipt.
  • You will be sent details of the event at least a month before the week.
  • You will receive a bill, taking account of your deposit, and any discounts, bursaries or other payments. The balance of your account is payable on the week.
  • Members will be able to make a gift (if they wish) to the friendship fund and/or our Third World Fund (see below) when settling the bill. More details are provided during the week.
  • Bills can be settled via BACS, by cheque, or in cash.
  • Please contact the Treasurer () if you would like to pay in advance.
  • The balance of your account is payable four weeks before the event.

Third World Fund

At most CPW events, members are invited to make a contribution (if they wish) to our Third World Fund. They can also nominate one or more specific developing world charities to which the money collected is to be given - otherwise, the money is sent to CAFOD.

Other information

  • Parents may each bring one additional child who is not of their own immediate family (to all-age events); discounts do not apply to such children.
  • Sorry, but pets cannot be accommodated.
  • Smoking is never allowed in the buildings we use and most of the Centres place restrictions on smoking anywhere on the premises.
  • We try to ensure that centres are fully accessible, but please discuss specific needs (such as mobility or hearing) with the organiser.

Not coming this year?

  • CPW works to enrich the church through educating and empowering the laity - if you want to contribute to this work, please consider becoming a member anyway.
  • Members receive a newsletter two or more times a year, and are sent the brochure immediately it is published.
  • The cost per year is £15 per household (£7.50 for households on low incomes).
  • If you would like to subscribe by standing order, the Treasurer () will be pleased to supply a form.
  • Or else send your subscription to the Treasurer (address on this page) by cheque payable to "Catholic People's Weeks".

CPW Cycling Week
Lunch at Rochester Castle on the CPW Cycling Week 2015. "Tales of Wonder".