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Catholic People's Weeks

Welcome to the CPW 2018

CPW provides “holidays that make a difference”, where you’ll find food for thought, faith and friends. They are fun – if they weren’t, people wouldn’t come back year after year. They also feed the soul.

All our events offer engaging talks and activities, prayer and socialising, in a community setting. Some are for people of all ages, and others for those aged 18 and over.

In 2018, we are holding eight events, on a range of themes mission and ministry, crossing borders, freedom of speech and holy places.

You will find details of all 2018 events on this page, and a printable booking form here. If you would like extra copies of the brochure please ring or email the Secretary (contact details on this page). Alternatively, you can download a complete copy of the brochure here.

Our prices include food, accommodation, childcare, the centre facilities and the educational programme. Our Friendship Fund assists those who would otherwise not be able to afford to come; details are to be found here.

We do hope you will join us this year. We assure you of a warm welcome, and look forward to meeting you. Feel free to contact any of the people mentioned in the brochure if you want to know more or on the event pages. They will be happy to explain more fully what CPW is about.

Some of our events book up very quickly, so don’t leave it too late to get in touch.

“The weekend started with a very warm welcome – a friendly wave and a great big smile.”

Craft activity at Allensford 2015
Craft activity at Allensford 2015