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What does CPW stand for?

There's more than one answer to this!

At the simplest level, it stands for Catholic People's Weeks - the name we've had since the organisation was established in 1945.

  • CPW is primarily Catholic. Our main aim is to provide continuing formation in the Catholic faith. However, we warmly welcome non-Catholic people who are interested in, or in sympathy with, the Catholic tradition.
  • CPW is run by lay People (all unpaid volunteers) for lay people, inspired by the conviction that we are all, ordained or not, God's holy people.
  • 'Weeks' is perhaps somewhat misleading, as we run events of various durations.

Every event gives us space away from our everyday concerns, and offers a chance, in the company of friendly fellow-seekers, to refresh our understanding of what it means to be a Catholic Christian today.

"A week to remember with great pleasure, and a thoughtful stimulus for the next stages of our journey."

A (fairly) typical* day in the adult programme on an all-age Week

(*no day is ever quite typical)

  • Optional start with a swim (for venues with a pool) for early risers and/or quiet early morning prayer. Or longer in bed and straight to breakfast!
  • After breakfast, all guests meet for gathering prayer, then the young people leave with the helpers.
  • The chair, or an invited speaker, leads input on the theme; guests break into groups to discuss. After coffee, groups report on discussions. Lively argument often follows.
  • All come together for Mass before lunch. Mass is led by a liturgy group which has prepared it the previous day.
  • Free time in the afternoon. Guests are free to relax/read/go out as a family. A group has planned a trip out and shares lifts. Another group heads out to the countryside for a walk.
  • Tea available at 4pm; the following day's liturgy group meets with the chaplain to prepare a service of renewal.
  • Following supper, there is a choice of creative activity for the adults, who are joined by the teenage group. Much laughter and often surprise at what is produced (see previous page).
  • Short evening prayer for all.
  • A game such as Pictionary in teams or quiet chats around the bar or tea table.

Young people have their own programme.