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What happens at a CPW event?

A CPW is not a retreat; nor is it just a holiday. Itís a unique chance to become, for a short time, part of a small community with a shared interest in deepening its understanding of what God wants his people to be. You will find all shades of opinion represented at our events.

Every CPW event is centred on a theme.

  • For adults, the theme is explored through a variety of talks, discussions, workshops and other activities as appropriate.
  • For the young people at all-age events, the youth leaders use as many avenues as their ingenuity can rise to - often encompassing art, drama, film making, and so on. The young people also have lots of straightforward fun - swimming, playing games and sport, as well as discussions.
  • Parents and guardians can be confident that their children - whatever their age - are being offered stimulating and enjoyable activities by a team of trained and enthusiastic "helpers", many of whom themselves attended CPW when younger.
  • Afternoons are free to relax, or take a trip out.
  • Evenings offer a mixture of formal sessions, similar to those in the morning, and social activities, for example games, quizzes or a night hike.
  • There is usually an informal "bar" run on a self-help basis.

Liturgy is an integral part of all CPW events.

  • Mass, or another form of worship, is celebrated each day.
  • There are other opportunities for prayer and worship.
  • We try to make our liturgy lively and inclusive.
  • The Chaplain is an integral member of the team.

All CPWs take place in locations that offer lots of local interest.

  • All-age events take place in school holidays.
  • We aim to use centres designed to accommodate the needs of young people.
  • 18+ events are in retreat centres or other locations with a calmer atmosphere.

CPW is a non-profit-making charity, run by unpaid volunteers. At some locations, we ask everyone to help with some of the domestic chores, to keep the catering costs down. All this makes CPW great value for money, and there are no hidden extra costs. We also have a "friendship fund" that enables individuals or families to come to an event without bearing the full cost if their circumstances would make it hard to do so. Just ask the organiser of the week you are interested in attending for more information - it is totally confidential - or contact the Treasurer: details here.

You will find here some comments made by people who have experienced CPW weeks and weekends.

Abbott Hall 2015
Abbot Hall 2015
Abbot Hall 2015
All photos on this page: Abbott Hall 2015